Ogilvy South Africa

Soundbite Chart


The Brief

Despite the democratization of music production, distribution and the ability to reach a commercially viable audience still lies in the hands of labels and commercial stations. We To overcome this, we turned 850 KFC stores into a mobile-led, consumer-centric music platform. 
Where anyone can upload their track and listen to South Africa’s up and coming talented artists – creating new ways to discover, engage and share music. 

Our consumers can access the platform to live-stream, share and add tracks to their very own playlists – enabling them to discover, influence, create and share content! 
What’s more, using the power of our 850 stores across the country, we linked the purchase of our KFC Soundbite meals to provide consumers with unique codes to unlock full tracks. 

Every transaction not only influences our online Soundbite chart but also gives money back to the artist.

The Solution

To appeal to our millennial audience who value authenticity we decided to use our media not to create advertising but to push our artist’s in real-time. 
Every single piece of our campaign media was therefore treated as an artist sponsorship piece to advertise their music, whilst simultaneously promoting the platform. 

Even within traditional media, we further drove authenticity through content integration into on-air live TV shows, sponsorships and radio segments.
Our audience was able to get exclusive behind the scenes Soundbite battle content and judges’ comments.

What was unique about every single piece of digital content was its ability to be interactive and enable the streaming of our music content from the Soundbite platform. We transformed our WeTransfer ads, banners, social media and YouTube pre-rolls into live-stream music media, giving the youth a taste of Finger Lickin’ Great South African sounds.