Ogilvy South Africa

Pre Joy


The Brief

Specify the project's objectives, target audience and any relevant background information including an overview, the situation and analysis.

For the last 20 years, Cadbury has stood for all things joyful with some iconic tv ads. But we needed to repeat this success with a YouTube generation who has no connection to these iconic ads.

The Solution

What is the reasoning behind the project solution & strategy? If relevant, describe any references that are specific to the culture/region/nation that may not be understood without explanation. Tell the judges where the work ran and what platform on if applicable.
We wanted to connect with our audience, in their world, YouTube.
So, we chose the funniest ‘viral’ clips and bought Pre-roll ad space before each one of them and created 5 second ads that show what sparked these joyful moments.
By piggy-backing off these clips with millions of views, we were able to successfully target moments of joy to a mass audience,
and linking these clips meant they could enjoy a continuous loop of joy.
Thus, continuing the Legacy of joy to a YouTube generation.