Ogilvy South Africa

The OMO Book of Dirt


The Brief

The world is evolving quicker than ever before and children are the most at risk. The more they connect to the online world, the more disconnected they're becoming with the world outside. They're losing touch with nature and the ability to connect with others. OMO wanted to bring its "Dirt is Good" strategy to life in a way that helped kids not only get off their screens but discover first hand all the benefits of playing in the dirt. 

The Solution

So, we created a very special book. A book that held a charming story that could only be revealed when rubbed with dirt. Each page was treated with a special substrate that revealed "The Tale of Spots and Stripes" when dirt was smeared across the paper. After engaging with the book, sentiment towards playing in the dirt increased by 495%. “The Tale of Spots and Stripes” was lauded by Child Development Specialists and Occupational Therapists across the country for its multiple child development attributes, with full endorsement coming from the Centre for Early C hildhood Development and Educanda, the national supplier of child development tools and equipment.