Ogilvy South Africa

KFC Keep Rollin’


The Brief

It's the FIFA WORLD C UP and everyone is going soccer mad. But how do you own a conversation around football during a time when the FIFA GOVERNING BODY holds all the rights to almost everything related to the sport? 

The Solution

We created a campaign around the one thing that FIFA condones - DIVING or simulation. The act of players falling to the ground and rolling around theatrically to win free-kicks and in some cases get opposition players penalized. Soccer fans, analysts and commentators usually refer to this as "making a meal of it" and when it happens, it dominates online conversations. Our TV commercial plays into the popular theatrics that players perform during games but instead of our player rolling around the pitch to make a meal of it for a free kick, he rolls all the way off it, out the stadium and through a bustling city to a KFC, where he quite literally "makes a meal of it" for just 29.90.