Ogilvy South Africa



The Brief

Castle Lite is the only South African beer that's lagered at a freezing cold -2.5°C. It’s a strategy that’s made them the undisputed king of South Africa’s lite beers. With big competitors like Heineken Lite and Amstel Lite entering our market, we needed to remind people of the things that make them special: Sub-zero refreshment. Music. And a passion for innovation.

The Solution

Partnering with two of South Africa’s most influential underground Hip Hop artists, we set out to create a piece of music so C old it could only be Castle Lite. Using sounds and samples recorded from ice, we created Ziyabanda, an innovative Hip Hop track that mixed the best of local and international Hip Hop styles. Then we launched our track with a short, ‘making of’ music video that showed how we pieced our track together, and ran it as Facebook video, YouTube pre-rolls and on a range of social media. Annotations and links in our posts directed people to Castle Lite’s website, where they could register for a free download of the track. Within days of its release, our music video and track was exploding across social media, lighting up Twitter, and scoring great reviews from fans, press and local Hip Hop blogs. But we wanted even more exposure. So, we took the song we made from ice, and put it on a record made of ice and played it on some of South Africa’s biggest music platforms, like MTV base, Channel O and Slikour on life.

Results: Ziyabanda has gone on to be one of South Africa’s most watched, written about, shared and celebrated digital integrated campaigns, with an audience of over 6 million people, and more than R40 million in free exposure. R40 million in free exposure an audience of +6 million +3.5 million digital reach +95% positive sentiment We'd given a beer that's all about ice, a real smash hit.