Ogilvy South Africa



The Brief

To create a TVC that captures a new Simba flavour inspired by South Africa’s favourite pastime - the braai.

The Solution

If you’re South African you love to braai, and if you love to braai, then you’ve experienced the braai wait.

The salads are ready first, the pap is next, but the braaimaster takes his sweet time with the meat, which causes a lot of frustration, because the braai cannot start until the meat is ready.

This idea was captured using another SA favourite. The Papa track from the late musician, Tshepo Tshola is a song every true South African knows by heart.

..."Waiting for your name to be called. Your body’s trembling in disbelief. Cos you’ve never waited before."

We used the song as a device to show South Africans that when the wait is too long they can "bambisa" with Simba braaiwors flavour - 'The braai before the braai.'