Ogilvy South Africa

The Power of Vrrrpha

Volkswagen South Africa

The Brief

To launch the iconic Volkswagen Golf GTI, 'the power of vrrrpha', pays homage to the power of the GTI, and the effect it has on the world. 

The Solution

The Golf GTI is as iconic as they come - renowned for its power, presence, and legendary “Vrrrr Pha” sound, is the primary influence behind the production of VW’s new GTI commercial. The cinematic campaign is a visual and musical masterpiece that captures the power and speed of the VW GTI.

The TVC by plays on the world of slow-mo, demonstrating the GTI’s power in a way that is both responsible and entertaining. Every scene of the commercial gives the audience something new to discover. Colour, movement, composition, sound, each layer has a part to play.

Music was the centrefold of the work, with a pilot of Edith Piaf’s “No regrets” in isiXhosa, performed by Nonku Phiri. Something big and familiar, but with an unexpected local flair. The commercial not only looks the part, but sounds it.