Ogilvy South Africa

Valentine's kARoake


The Brief

Valentine’s Day – the day of lurrrve.  We wanted to let our audience know that whether they were celebrating self-love, puppy-love,  boytjie  ove, squad love, bok bok love,  skrr skrr love,  nearly-there love,  mama  love  –  ANY love and ALL love  –  we were giving them the chance to show love in their  language. We wanted to help them share a one-of-a-kind love note, so we took the ease of voice notes and Insta stories and added in the richness of music and its meaning.

The Solution

That’s why we created Sing a love note in your language.  So… how did we pull it off?  First, Cadbury P.S.  introduced special edition bars, each saying ‘I love you’ in 11 official languages.  Then, we created a Facebook AR filter, accessible through image recognition.  It allowed audiences to scan the bar to unlock the filter, and they were able to serenade whoever (or whatever) they loved in their language. Our songbirds also had a chance to win weekly sing-a-gram and the opportunity to take over our advertising with their grand declaration of love on Valentine’s Day.