Ogilvy South Africa

Drive to Defy


The Brief

Who do you think you are? Society will try to answer this question for you – if you allow it. Yet there are people among us whose ambition and resilience have led them to defy social expectations. They fight stereotypes and prejudice at work. They face depression and self-doubt at home. But still they rise. What powers them? A relentless drive to defy. To launch the new category-defying T-Roc, Volkswagen is celebrating the spirit of defiance that lives within us all.

The Solution

Embodying this drive, are a group of unstoppable individuals who were born to break conventions. From South Africa’s first black female combat pilot to a trailblazing ballerina who rewrote history. Every aspect of #TheDriveToDefy focusses on people who dare to take up space. Featuring Kitty Phetla, Major Mandisa Mfeka and the incredible artists who’ve worked behind the scenes to bring these stories to life. Together, they are our Defiant Ones.