Ogilvy South Africa



The Brief

Gender-Based Violence in South Africa is a continuous epidemic. In 2019, it reached fever pitch and nationwide protests shook the country. At the same time, this national conversation was being had, JOKO was launching its new box. Because women in abusive relationships are behind closed doors in their own homes, it’s hard to reach out to them. So, we redesigned the JOKO box as a Trojan horse to go into millions of homes across the country.

The Solution

We partnered with an NGO, POWA (People Opposed to Women Abuse) to help these women and additionally, R1 from every box would go to POWA. We needed to get people engaging with this major issue on social. It’s a very sensitive topic and required the right use of expert public figures. We consulted and followed the lead of a range of powerful women who gave us valid content and insight. The social campaign allowed women in abusive relationships and people in our communities to engage with a very serious topic and seek help if need be. But most importantly, we started the conversation.