Ogilvy South Africa

The Value of Art


The Brief

Investec believes that art has a value beyond wealth. It is a human investment that breaks down barriers and unites people through the universal language of an appreciation of creativity. Investec invites you to not only enjoy the art but also to appreciate what art can do for those who get the opportunity to create it.

The Solution

Investec's artwork for the Investec Art Fair 2019 wasn’t just created in mixed media. It was literally created out of mixed media. In fact: 2000 brushes 600 felt tip pens, 648 wax crayons 800 pieces of chalk, and 900o sketching pencils were just some of the 15 224 pieces of stationer used to make up the headline of an art installation: “Art is a human investment.” Post the exhibition, 16 000 art materials were dismantled and given to underprivileged children. Not only did it bring them the joy of art, but thousands of children got the opportunity to express their creativity, and artistic talent, and build their bright future.