Ogilvy South Africa

The Nugget Campaign for Every Occasion


The Brief

Everybody loves the taste of KFC but chowing down on a drumstick while you’re on-the-go is less than ideal. So, KFC introduced their new delicious Nuggets; the whenever, wherever snack that lets you get that great KFC flavour, while you get on with things. Like our Nuggets, our advertising had to fit into the busy lives of South Africa’s youth. 

The Solution

A snackable online campaign to fit any occasion. We crafted over 75 unique digital films, each one specifically tailored and targeted to the contexts of our audience. By targeting users based on time of day, location, weather, and the content they were searching for, we were able to seamlessly position new KFC Nuggets as the perfect snack for whenever, wherever. To take things to the next level, we drove sampling through Instagram, bringing our TV world to life in a multi-level, 1.2 million pixel, 8-bit game built right inside the Instagram interface. By hacking parts of the Instagram Stories interface usually used to navigate content, we were able to simulate game controllers, allowing users to jump to avoid obstacles, and collect KFC Nuggets.  At the end, you were presented with a voucher to the value of the Nuggets you’d collected in the game.