Ogilvy South Africa

Heartbeat of a Nation

Castle Lager

The Brief

As a proud sponsor of the Springboks, Castle Lager wanted to know how they could unite South Africa behind the national team during the World Cup when it was played 13 000km away. Similarly, how could you get those playing to see, to hear and most importantly feel that support?

The Solution

We discovered that when fans watch sport, their heart rates increase by up to 75%. This makes it the purest form of support, so we decided to use this to create a unifying force behind the Springboks – ‘The Heartbeat of a Nation’. Through our interactive Castle Lager app, fans could sync their heart rate either through their wearable fitness trackers, or by using their fingerprint to register their heart rate. This enabled them to contribute their heart to a real-time national average heartbeat – ‘The Heartbeat of the Nation.’ Fans could see their heart reaction to every minute of every game, and at the same time compare their rate to that of friends, allowing social interaction based purely on biometrics.