Ogilvy South Africa



The Brief

Cadbury believes that there’s a glass and a half in everyone.  It’s the glass and a half of generosity that you’ll find in every one of their chocolates, and that very same generosity is found in the heart of every South African.  In 2019 we were tasked with changing the brand positioning from joy to generosity. 

The Solution

So, when we discovered that millions of orphans across South Africa had never known the pleasure of owning their own toy or book, we gave South Africans the opportunity to change that – to prove our generous spirit as a nation.  However, we knew that we could just talk about it, it wasn’t enough, we needed to be truly generous.  So, we opened The Little Generosity Shop, where the only currency accepted was generosity.  We opened our doors and South Africans opened their hearts – donating preloved toys, books and games, and their compassion was rewarded with a bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk.