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About the SPEECH™ Framework & Programme

In September 2013, Ogilvy & Mather South Africa launched SPEECH™. The SPEECH™ framework and programme is aimed at guiding and underpinning various initiatives in Ogilvy & Mather South Africa’s sustainable practices. Going forward, it will also form the basis on how we report and communicate our efforts in sustainability to employees and external stakeholders. In essence, it is O&M SA’s voice in the areas of (s)ustainability, (p)eople, (e)nvironment, (e)thics, (c)ommunity and (h)umanity and covers various areas in each sector:

External communications and activities include:

Internal communications activities include:

Message from the Chairman of the O&M SA Ethics & Sustainability Committee and Chairman of O&M SA about the group’s 2014 sustainability report

Ogilvy & Mather South Africa does business in three cities around the country. As the largest communications agency, we accept our responsibility for economic, social and environmental sustainability and believe that every effort counts.

We are proud of our second annual sustainability report. Last year’s report established important baseline guides and values for us. Using this, our progress will continue to be measurable as well as transparent.

Our commitment to creating a sustainable future based on balanced performance is both a South African trade requirement and a corporate initiative – a shared vision of how, working together, all of us at O&M SA can effect change.

The O&M SA Group of companies have always led the way with innovative ideas and the group’s approach to sustainability is no different – from separation and recycling of office waste, to decreasing flights to reduce carbon emissions, to ensuring that we are responding to the needs of our communities. We have a track record of effecting change.

Launched in 2013, our ‘SPEECH™’ framework underpins our sustainability programme. It makes us accountable, it sets out the four important focused areas and ensures we are contributing to each of them to help make a difference to economies, communities and the environment in order to develop the country we operate in.

It also sets out the way in which we communicate our sustainability initiatives, both internally and externally.

As we are a service business, our most significant impact on the environment is the emissions from our buildings. The steps O&M SA is taking to lessen effects of these are deliberately driven and focused.

Our leading initiatives are to decrease waste, water and power and to increase community efforts.

At O&M SA there are no limits to improving our sustainable performance and maintaining ethical business behaviour throughout our business. There will always be new challenges ahead. But, as we know, sustainability efforts have to be continuous and long-term for it to make a truly meaningful impact.

With the ongoing enthusiasm and support of our employees, we will continue to work towards implementing small changes to make big differences.


Nunu Ntshingila-Njeke

Chairman, Ogilvy & Mather South Africa

Moss Mashishi

Non-Executive Director and Chairman of the Ethics & Sustainability Committee, Ogilvy & Mather South Africa

O&M SA’s Sustainability and Ethics Committee

O&M SA’s Sustainability and Ethics Committee was established in 2013 to monitor and ensure the company complies with the The Companies Act, 71 of 2008 (the “New Act“), Section 72 (4) and is responsible for social and economic development, including the company’s standing in terms of the goals and purposes of the ten principles set out in the UN Global Compact Principles, the Employment Equity Act and the BBBEE Act, environmental efforts, health and public safety, corporate citizenship and labour protection. The committee draws matters to the attention of the board and the companies shareholders as required at annual and general meetings.


The Ogilvy & Mather South Africa Sustainability Report is a recognition of our commitment to the continuous development to operating with eco-efficiency in mind. The reports provide a comprehensive overview of environmental data and initiatives that O&M SA is implementing to ensure we continue to balance our business with the environment.

The O&M SA Sustainability Report covers the same period as the O&M SA financial reporting year, from January 1st to December 31st.


2013 Report

2014 Report

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Have questions or comments about our sustainability report? Please contact Mark Zeller, Marketing & Communications Manager of O&M SA: mark.zeller@ogilvy.com.