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Ogilvy & Mather Durban Ignites Brands

We are a Durban-based integrated creative advertising agency defined by a devotion to brands and a dedication to ideas.

Because it is ideas that ignite brands. Ideas that come from a spark of insight. A moment that exists between logic and magic. Ideas can cause thousands of people to do things they never would have dreamed they would do. Ideas can change the course of history or lead to a better soap flake. Ideas help you create something out of nothing.

That is what we are hired to do. Every day. For all our clients.

Drawing from the best of both international and local best practice, Ogilvy has defined, developed and instituted world-class operational practices that literally liberate the organisation to focus on this key responsibility — creating ideas that solve business challenges.

By following the Brand Liberation Team philosophy, brands are positioned where they should be in our agency — right at the centre. Planning, account management and creative are jointly responsible for the success in every way of the brands in their care. The team is strategically, operationally and creatively equipped to respond to any business challenge they encounter and then liberated to find the most relevant channel in which to execute it.

Many of the most powerful brands are built not just on ideas, but on ideaLs. The addition of that one ‘L’ makes all the difference. An ‘ideal’ is a higher purpose that rallies support for the brand from many quarters, both inside and outside the company. The best news is that big ideaLs are platforms for big ideas. When a brand is fully in tune with its ideal, ideas – small and big – flow more easily, and generate real support and demand.

Ogilvy & Mather Durban’s Big ideaL™

A big ideaL™ is not quite the same as a positioning. A brand’s positioning could be based on a purely functional benefit; that it washes whiter or lasts longer. An ideaL, however, contains an inherent point of view — a view of how things should be, of how life should be, of how the world should be.

It’s a belief system which drives everything that a brand does and helps it to attract widespread support. It’s something to be voted on by consumers and stakeholders who have a bigger vote than ever before.

By way of example, Ogilvy’s Brand IdeaL is that we believe the world would be a better place if brands realised their Big IdeaLs.

And our business is to help them do so.