Nestle Milo: Tough week

The Nestle Milo team informed us that their main business challenge was that Milo was viewed as a night-time only ‘treat’ rather than an any time beverage that helps sustain energy throughout the day. So the brief was to shift Milo in the minds of moms, from a treat drink to a daily staple.

After a load of research, the marketing team stumbled on the great insight that moms not only feel terribly responsible for their kids’ nutritional health, but ideally would like to ‘arm ‘their kids for all the activities and times when they (moms) cannot be around. We were also asked to build brand affinity with a commercial that would be loved by moms and kids alike.

So we invited audiences to look at the world as a kid might view it. A world where each day’s challenges might be seen as pesky villains who mess with important things like bike riding, soccer playing and general fun-having, not to mention school tasks and learning; A world where these nasty villains are smartly ‘dealt with’ once kids have had a glass of Milo at breakfast. What’s more, each kid defeats his challenges confidently, and on his own. What more could any mom want.