MK Launch: MK IS Case Study

MK is a television channel that features fresh South African bands and music. How do we get young South Africans to watch MK, the leading voice of the local music scene, when they see local bands as uncool and old-fashioned? We wanted young South Africans to feel that MK is…just like them. So we made MK into a real life character who was on Facebook, tweeted and filmed episodes from his life. These daily episodes flighted on the MK channel and synchronised on all digital platforms. Fans could BBM, direct message or befriend MK on Facebook in real time and MK would respond in real time. We used the music of 22 new indie bands across all content, exposing our audience to bands they didn’t know existed. In total we created 3 characters who each lived for 20 days.

In just 60 days, we generated (from a zero count) over 90 000 Facebook interactions, 1100 tweets and reached no. 6 on YouTube’s most watched list.