KFC: Wall of Hope

In 2009, KFC launched Add Hope, a campaign that not only transformed the brand’s CSI strategy but also raised R7.4 million towards hunger relief in just two years. In 2011, the pressure was on to up the ante even further, to build more momentum for the Add Hope campaign, to raise more money, and to further cement the relationship between the KFC brand and this phenomenally successful campaign.

To build on an already Big Idea, Ogilvy Johannesburg suggested an even Bigger Idea – a high-profile, high-impact campaign that would not only reach and connect with KFC customers, but also the South African public at large. It had to be contagious and engaging, and drive talkability. It had to be big enough to create the kind of splash that attracts media attention – because Public Relations was identified as the only medium capable of taking Add Hope even higher.

A new website with a donation mechanism was developed to further integrate with the big idea, with stories illustrating the big change that some small change can make.