KFC: Journey of Hope

The Brief

Every year, the KFC Add Hope Initiative raises money to help feed malnourished children across South Africa. This year’s challenge was to create more of an emotional connection with our supporters by showing them the impact that this feeding scheme has in a way that they could relate to.

The Idea

We packaged the cause in a way that people could connect with and created a campaign that they could get involved with – The Journey of Hope. We recruited renowned adventurer, Riaan Manser, to take on a gruelling 42-day 4100km journey across the country. The geo-coordinated route spelled the word ‘Hope’ across the South African map and took him to charities in five provinces, where he ate as the children did- only half the calories his body needed.

Campaign Results Summary

Riaan Manser completed his 4100km Journey of Hope and gained many KFC Add Hope supporters along the way. During the campaign, the site generated 8,482 visits with 24, 420 page views. 14% of those who visited the site returned to view its dynamic content more than once. And with the 1898 tweets of support that followed, it was clear that many South Africans wanted to get involved in KFC’s fight against hunger.