Luca Gallarelli
Managing Director, Ogilvy & Mather Cape Town

NG4A8730-2Born in Port Elizabeth, Luca went to Grey High School and varsity at NMMU where he
completed a Computer Science degree. He came to Cape Town to do a Post Graduate Higher Diploma at the AAA School of Advertising, butsome say he has never really left the Eastern Cape.

Luca describes his year at AAA as “fantastic” and it resulted in an account management position with, what was then called, Ogilvy & Mather Rightford Searle-Tripp & Makin.

Aside from a two year stint at The Jupiter Drawing Room, Luca has been smoking from the David Ogilvy pipe ever since.

On his return to Ogilvy & Mather Cape Town in 2007, Luca became Business Director on a portfolio of brands including Kraft/Cadbury and SAB Miller.

In 2009 Luca was appointed to the Ogilvy Cape board and took responsibility for the extensive repositioning of Carling Black Label – the largest SAB Miller brand by volume worldwide. He oversaw a major turnaround with the brand regaining volume growth after years in decline, a process which included the innovative ‘Be The Coach’ campaign which was South Africa’s most awarded advertising campaign for 2012 and was a standout on the global stage as well.

Luca was appointed deputy managing director of Ogilvy & Mather Cape Town in 2012 and became MD on November 1, 2013.