Ogilvy Launches Ground Breaking Talent Incubation Programme

JOHANNESBURG, 22 June 2012 – Ogilvy South Africa, the country’s leading advertising and marketing group, has announced the launch of a long term talent incubation programme, working together with four of South Africa’s leading tertiary institutions to find talented graduates looking for their first positions of employment.

“We not only build brands, but we also build talent,” said Ogilvy South Africa CEO Abey Mokgwatsane. “It’s not just our responsibility, it is our obligation to invest in the future of our industry by continually building the talent pool which will support the brands that we manage today, well into their futures”.

South Africa’s graduating talent will be afforded an opportunity to be part of the Ogilvy Graduate Programme (OGP) which commences at the beginning of every year starting 2013. The recently launched programme does not replace the Group’s extensive and existing support of school, college and university leavers, but rather identifies particular graduating classes, and invites them to apply for the programme by showcasing their talent.

“The programme targets creative and marketing students at four diverse tertiary institutions. Ogilvy has a history of partnerships with these institutions and the faculties have been involved with the development of the programme since its inception 18 months ago,” says Mokgwatsane. The institutions that Ogilvy has partnered with this year are the University of Cape Town (Bus Science Marketing), the University of Johannesburg (Marketing), the University of Pretoria (Visual Communication) and Red and Yellow School of Logic and Magic (all faculties).

The students who are selected to join Ogilvy South Africa (four in 2013) will have their final-year tuition fees paid back to them.

The OGP demonstrates Ogilvy’s ahead-of-the-curve thinking and digital leadership through the cutting edge application process for the programme. Applicants have to apply by showcasing their ideas on what is probably the most competitive medium the modern communication arena has to offer: The Blog.

How does it work?
Students have four months in which to create and launch a blog about any subject or angle they choose, in any language they wish, that demonstrates who they are and how they think. When briefed, they were asked – Can you stand out? Can you be interesting?
Students will be evaluated using criteria such as the originality of the idea itself and whether it has a unique and intelligent voice. Bloggers need to show an understanding of their target audience, show how they gained and engaged them, as well as highlight the quality and quantity of their followers, among other criteria.

Those students that exercise their full potential with their blog and come up with the kind of ground breaking ideas that impress the selection panel, will be shortlisted, and if selected in final interviews, offered a job. The programme kicks off with a six-month training and rotation course on 4 February 2013.

This unique and ground breaking programme levels the playing field for all disciplines in the business, and demonstrates what is critical to businesses when it comes to hiring people – who prospective employees are as people and how they think.

Interested candidates need to come up with a great idea, create a blog and log onto the OGP website for further information and to register. They must, however, be registered at one of the institutions Ogilvy has partnered with for 2012/13, and be a South African Citizen.

Registration closes on the 30 of September 2012.

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