Ogilvy Dominates at APEX for Forth Year Running

JOHANNESBURG, 3 June 2011 – Ogilvy walked away with the lion’s share of awards at last night’s APEX Awards ceremony, making it the fourth year in a row the agency has dominated at APEX.

The APEX Awards reward excellent creative work that has a proven track record of effectiveness, and are regarded as one of the toughest local industry awards to win – and enter. This year, the Ogilvy Group submitted 18 entries, a staggering 26% of the total. And last night, the effort was rewarded when the panel of judges awarded Ogilvy almost half of all the awards on the night.

Coming out on top was Ogilvy’s campaign for long-standing client Castle Lager, which has seen the fortunes of the brand reverse over the last two years thanks to a simple, back to basics integrated strategy that relied heavily on the close work between Ogilvy’s multitude of disciplines, including public relations, design and retail specialisation from the likes of Ogilvy PR, Brand Union and Brand Activation.

The second Silver was awarded to the campaign for the VW Polo Vivo launch, which resulted in the replacement of the much-loved Citi Golf being rated as the dominant vehicle in the passenger car market by the end of 2010.

A further Silver went to the much-lauded ‘Selinah’ campaign for HIV/Aids relief organisation, the Topsy Foundation, which also picked up a special award for the best entry for a non-profit or charity organisation. The campaign has crossed borders and transcended cultures and continents, winning a Gold Lion at Cannes, the top spot at the 2011 TED Ads Worth Spreading Challenge, and, most recently, a One Show Gold.

Along with the Silvers, Ogilvy also picked up two bronze awards for the VW Amarok and Cadbury Stimorol Infinity campaigns. Brand Union was also awarded a bronze for the Fairview Trust ‘La Capra’ campaign.

No Gold or Grand Prix APEX Awards were received by any of the entrants last night.

“We are thrilled by the results of this year’s APEX Awards, which demonstrate how seriously we, as a group, take communication effectiveness and brand liberation,” said Rob Hill, Group Managing Partner, of Ogilvy South Africa after the awards. “Not only are we exceptionally proud to be the leading agency for the fourth year running, we’re also proud that the creative, effective work that won last night was the result of an integrated effort across the Group’s various platforms and disciplines.

“Ogilvy’s philosophy has always been about great work that works for the brands in our care, and we’d like to thank our clients that worked so closely with us on these entries. We are so very pleased that the TWIN PEAKS culture of effectiveness and creativity that we have cultivated at Ogilvy consistently delivers results that combine these two most basic pillars of good advertising. We will continue to give our all to ensuring that David Ogilvy’s mantra of ‘we sell, or else’, is realised.”

Ogilvy South Africa
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