Go Advertising

The Brand Building
15 Sloane Street, Bryanston 2152 Johannesburg
+27 11 709 6986

Go Advertising Agency | South Africa


GO is a unique agency! The intention of the company is to provide all the above- and below-the-line advertising and complete marketing services to clients quickly, effectively and cost effectively without compromising on the quality of work. The 3 pillars that set GO Advertising apart from other agencies:

  1. Reduced costs and substantial savings on producing advertising – which allows clients greater exposure for their brands to their markets.
  2. The “GO Beyond Programme”, an in-touchness programme, which compels the agency to fully understand the client’s customers needs – and triggers that they respond to.
  3. The GO Advertising board is comprised of ex clients! This ensures that the agency understands the client’s needs and has been most effectively structured to meet those needs.

Simply – We are the thinking organisation for clients, delivering whatever is needed to solve their challenges, efficiently, creatively and intelligently. In short, we offer: INTELLIGENT CREATIVE AND RESPONSE SOLUTIONS.