Learning & Development @ Ogilvy

If you want to be your best self, it helps to have the best learning and development opportunities available. Nurturing the learning & knowledge of our people and sharing that knowledge generously has and will always be a priority for Ogilvy – we are renowned for it across the industry. As David Ogilvy once said, “Training should not be confined to trainees. It should be a continuous process and should include the entire professional staff of the agency. The more our people learn, the more useful they can be to our clients.”

Our overall approach to our Learning & Development programme is designed to support company objectives as set out in our business plans, and incorporates the relevant training that supports the competencies, professional skills and importantly the core behaviours we value.

We offer many opportunities to learn and foster curiosity in order to support career development and succession planning by various means such as online training, facilitated workshops, Ogilvy Digital Marketing Academy, Mentorship programme and specialised courses that are relevant to what we do or what we want to do.

We encourage our people to take primary responsibility for their own development, and then support this through a clear learning programme. We pride ourselves in offering a breadth of opportunities to everyone, no matter what level or department they work in.

If you join Ogilvy & Mather, we will encourage you to be curious about what you and those around you are capable of, to seek out opportunities and to share your learning and experiences.