Ogilvy South Africa

Mid-weight Art Director

Job Function

Business Unit: Ogilvy CT
Department: Creative
Location: Cape Town
Type: Permanent
Reports To: Creative Director

Accountabilities and Responsibilities

  • The work: 
    • You’ll probably be conceptualising ideas for small, medium and large jobs. These could include anything from a print ad to a full through-the-line campaign. In other words, you should be strengthening your ability to come up with ‘big ideas’ that can be expressed through a number of mediums, and not just one-off executions.
    • More specifically, you need to be able to tell the difference between an idea and an execution – an idea being the bigger picture thought, and an execution, a way (perhaps one of many) of bringing that idea to life.
    • You also need a basic understanding of the digital medium, ie. banners, websites, apps, etc.

Agency people and processes: At this level you should be completely familiar with all the different departments in the agency, as well as the five basic processes for coming up with and producing great work: briefing, brainstorming, reviewing, presenting and production. You should have great relationships with Strategists and BUD’s.

  • The briefing process: In particular, make sure you have been properly briefed by insisting on a Kickstart. And always insist on a Brand Proposition, ie. what is the ONE simple thing the ideas you are coming up with need to say, for example: ‘this is a fast car’.
  • The production process: 
    • In particular, from a print point of view: 
      • you should know all DTP programmes required for your job and upskill your knowledge of retouching
      • you should know how to work with the art buying department
      • and you should know how to brief and work with suppliers such as illustrators, typographers and photographers.
    • In particular, from a TV point of view:
      • you should be fairly familiar with the TV production process.
  • Design inspiration/resources: Have a collection of great design, art direction, photography, animation and anything else that will help you be a better art director.
  • Other suppliers: At this point, you should be pretty familiar with directors, photographers, sound engineers, etc.

Personal Qualities and Behavioural Traits

  • Be interested: Immerse yourself in awards annuals and see what great work is out there. 
  • Be helpful: In general, you need to actively seek out areas you can help with.
    • Mounting
    • Illustrations (if possible)
    • Anything else any of the more senior Creatives need help with on a job.
  • Show a keenness to learn: You need to be responsible for learning and up-skilling yourself as an art director (with the help of the senior people around you).
  • Your seniors: Work closely with the senior creative(s) you are working with.
  • Deadlines: You need to be able to meet deadlines and deliver on the briefs given to you.
  • Proactive work: You should be doing this and it should hopefully start winning you some awards.
  • Presenting work: You should be able to present work in meetings if necessary.  


  • With
    • Group Head/ Creative Director/ Executive Creative Director
  • Purpose
    • To learn from, review ideas with, learn from and assist where needed. 


  • You should be able to conceptualise brave, fresh, world-class ideas.

Competencies and Developmental Areas 

  • Art direction/design: At this point, you should be a solid to well-skilled art director, with a fairly good knowledge of all the basic software (Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop and Keynote).
  • Strategic ability: You should be starting to develop your strategic skills so that you’re able to assess ideas both strategically and creatively.


HR Contact | Cape Town


+27 21 467 1000