Ogilvy South Africa

Account Director (Cape Town)

Job Function

Location: Cape Town
Type: Permanent

The Ogilvy Office in Cape Town currently requires an Account Director

The successful candidate will be responsible for providing inspiration from insight and catalytic thinking that will give way to ideas to that accelerate success, for a variety of client products, retail platforms and sponsorship activities.

Key Tasks and Responsibilities:
  • Has a deep understanding of the client’s business and of the key broader factors and trends shaping their markets and categories.  Looks for opportunities to engage in broader business dialogue with clients.Is the client’s first point of contact on all main strategic, creative and resource issues.
  • Is the Business Director’s first port of call on all questions relating to the business.
  • Builds strong and enduring relationships with clients, professionally and socially, particularly at the Marketing Manager or equivalent level.
  • Regularly seeks out ways to add value to the client/agency relationship (e.g. joint speaking appearances at conferences; effecting introductions to other members of agency management; agency presentations on broader industry issues).
  • Contributes to the writing of Business Plans for the account.
  • Is responsible for maximising the account’s billings and/or income and for seeking out additional income opportunities.
  • Contributes to the good financial management of the business, improving profitability wherever possible, monitoring all billing procedures carried out by the Account Manager/Executive, alerting the Business Director promptly to any likely changes to billing and income, any potential write-offs, etc.
  • Ensures that timesheets are always up to date and given to Finance timeously
  • Is ultimately responsible for the smooth running of the account – operationally, creatively and financially – and is answerable on these points to the client and to the Business Director.
  • Creates the best possible environment in which to produce the best possible work.  Is responsible for ensuring that his/her teams have the right time and resources to deliver this, within the client’s time frame.
  • Builds the respect and loyal commitment of team members, of the department and of the agency as a whole.
  • Effectively manages and coaches the more junior members of the Account Management team (AM’s, AE’s, BA’s) sensitively, positively and pro-actively.
  • Delegates effectively and appropriately – upwards to the Business Director, as well as downwards, and to other departments.
  • Involves the Business Director appropriately on all relevant issues:  status of business, brand health, creative projects, timings, etc.

Skills and experience required for the role:
  • Financial and budget control ability
  • Marketing knowledge and experience
  • Outstanding people management skills
  • Committed team worker
  • Intellectual depth
  • Excellent written/verbal communication skills
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Strong service orientation
  • Integrity, energy and creativity
Formal qualifications required for the role:
  • Matric
  • Post graduate degree or National Diploma, majoring in communication, marketing, advertising or other related Business Sciences

HR Contact | Cape Town


+27 21 467 1000