DStv: #Feel Every Moment

In order to keep the brand’s positioning relevant to future generations of television lovers, MultiChoice DStv, South Africa’s leading pay TV provider, has reached the decision to reposition after 20 years in market.

It was the 澳门足球博彩_2016奥运会外围赌球最新官方网站【赔率最高】 realization that people are beginning to favour the new positioning, we decided to focus on something that we know people value from their time but sometimes feel that television is unable to provide – moments of connection with the ones they love. With so many competing ways to spend one’s time, including family game nights and eating out, the role of television as the centre of the home, or the “glue” that brings the

family together, was being called into question.
We set out to show people that DStv cares about creating quality moments between loved ones, and the creative insight we drew upon stemmed from the
observation that the joy we derive from watching great television comes sometimes not from the TV itself, but in other people’s reaction to it.

It is this reaction – this observation of raw emotion that exists in the moment – which is truly disarming. It lowers our natural barriers, and blurs the boundaries that we all erect in order to protect ourselves. In so doing, great television helps us to reach out and connect.


Client: MultiChoice DStv
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Johannesburg
Executive Creative Director: Mariana O’Kelly
Creative Director: Carl Willoughby
Art Director: Darryn Rogers
Copywriter: Jordan Tryon
Copywriter: Stephanie van Niekerk
Account Management: Caree Ferrari (Managing Partner), Gabi Goldstein & Tanya Taylor
Strategy: Candice Blumenthal
Agency Producer: Juliet Curtis
Director: Kim Geldenhuys
Production House: 0307 Films
Post Production: Upstairs Post
Sound: Louis Enslin, Produce Sound