Shopping for Fashion: Money too tight to mention

Shopper marketing in SA has changed for good. We all know that the recession – coupled with the ever increasing pressures we face as consumers on a day to day basis such as fuel increases and etolls – has had an obvious and adverse effect on how consumers approach the art of shopping in SA.

Shopper Marketing in SA has evolved.

The advent of the smart shopper has resulted in changing shopping behaviours across every segment of the SA population and these days’ people are thinking a lot harder about what they buy and how they buy their preferred brands and 澳门足球博彩_2016奥运会外围赌球最新官方网站【赔率最高】 products. This in turn has meant that shopper marketing in SA has had to evolve.

In an attempt to see how financial influences have affected shopping marketing in SA and the shopping behaviour of women in the fashion category, Geometry Global, in conjunction with WhyFive Strategic Insights, conducted a ground-breaking study into the shopping habits of fashion-conscious South Africans comprising a substantial sample of 2 600 women across LSMs 5-10. The results of this survey not only serve to reaffirm what we already know about this category, but also provide valuable insights into the degrees of behavioural change that can be observed in the marketplace today. So let us provide useful insights that have impacted shopper marketing and brands are turning more to developing behavioural based shopper-marketing strategies – built off solid insights and a clear understanding of who is buying their products. Retailers who have made the investment in clearly defining the Purchase Decision Journeys of the shoppers have gone a long way to being more appealing and relevant to to shoppers – and positively influencing their behaviour in terms of how they actively engage and shop for brands in their retail environments.

Geometry Global is in touch with SA shoppers through their unrivalled insights into Shopper Marketing

Geometry Global are global leaders in shopper marketing. Geometry Global is also the largest and

most geographically complete brand activation agency of its kind, providing brand marketers with a unique solution for an unmet need: Precision Activation. This proprietary approach focuses on the exact blend of context and content that combine to influence consumer behaviour, transforming proven communication techniques and
big creative ideas into effective and profitable business growth drivers. With experts in 56 markets including South Africa, the global network develops highly compelling marketing programs – informed by data and insights – connecting people with brands at precisely the right times, in the right places, and right ways – making a measurable difference to clients’ businesses. Launched in June 2013, Geometry Global delivers award-winning creativity and integrated talent across a range of disciplines including Shopper, Relationship, Promotional and Experiential, Trade and Digital Marketing. Geometry Global is part of the WPP group.

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